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On this page, you will find a list of legally reusable media that you can use in your projects. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Each website is different.  Be sure to read the fine print as to how much material you are allowed to use from each website.  Keep in mind, Fair Use and Educational Purposes do not apply because we are posting to the Vodcast Server and iTunes U.



Purple Planet Royalty-Free Music - This is a good source for fun, easy-to-use, royalty-free music for projects.  A link back to the site is all you need to use any of the many songs within the


SoundJay - All of the sounds and songs at SoundJay are free to use under the condition that users link back to the site. 

Royalty Free Music Room - All the free downloadable MP3s on this site are in the public domain.

Incompetech - a great site for a large variety of free music. Please read in the Music FAQ how the creator would like you to cite his work.

Free Music Archive - Great source of a variety of genres of music. See track information to learn what you can and cannot do with each track.

thefreesoundproject - A sound effects website. All work must be attributed to the original author.

soundsnap - A sound effects website. Registration required. 5 free sounds per month.

Google Custom Search - A search for Open Music. Please read each site for their requirements.

Opsound - Listeners can download, remix, and re-imagine. Work must be attributed to the original author.

ccMixter - A creative commons website that allows you to use music in your project. Work must be attributed to the original author.

Public Domain Music - A listing of more sites to find royalty free or creative common music. Please read each site carefully to ensure you are not violating the copyright law!

Moby - Moby makes some of his discarded music free for video productions. Requires registration.

Jonathon Roberts - A site that has royalty free music as long as you credit Jonathon Roberts

Jimmy G - Free music as long as you credit Jimmy G. Registration required.

DanoSongs - Free music. Requires you to include “Free Music by” in the credits.

Musopen - Free music

General Help:

Copyright Slider - Is it Copy Protected? An easy to follow slider!

School Board Policy 8.121 - A pdf file of The School District of Palm Beach County School Board Policy on the Use of Copyright Materials.

Copyright Basics - Copyright basics from the U.S. Copyright Office

10 Myths about Copyright - A great site to help you with things you may think are true!

To Share or Not to Share - A comprehensive site that discusses copyright.


Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Nearly 20,000 images of artworks the museum believes to be in the public domain are available to download on this site. Other images may be protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. By using any of these images you agree to LACMA's Terms of Use.

Pics4Learning - A list of categorized images free for teachers in any project.

MorgueFile - A free photo site. Great site. Registration required.

Flickr Creative Commons - An enormous amount of photos. Each photo has different rules. Please follow website and photo guidelines.

Simple CC Flickr Search - A search engine for Creative Commons pictures on Flickr.  Each photo has different rules. Please follow website and photo guidelines.

Free Stock Photos - Mostly scenic photos. Misc. requirements listed on the main page. All photos must maintain the URL on the photo, it cannot be cropped out. Max. 10 images per project from this site.

Image*After - A website with a lot of pictures. All photos can be modified as needed.

Smithsonian Institution - Photos that can be used, but CANNOT be modified. All images used must be credited to the creator.

Free Image Research - Fill out this form and these people will find the image you are looking for! The more specific you are, the better chances you have of getting what you want. Fee’s possible.

NASA - All images are free for use.

Compfight - Pulls images from Flickr. Be sure to check CC licensing before using!

More Sites - More image websites. Please check licensing before use!

Clip Art:

School Clip Art - A site with clip art by category. A credit to the website is required if used.

Open Clip Art Library - All graphics submitted to the project should be waived of all rights, including copyright, according to the CC0 Public Domain Dedication.


EMOL Free Movie list - Movies and TV shows that are in the public domain and can be used.