Kindergarten Dual Language

Mrs. Rivabella & Mrs. Croft


Dual Language Program:

Plumosa's Dual Language Program is a two-way Spanish/English immersion program that begins in kindergarten.  It is a 50/50 model in which 50% of instruction is given in English and 50% instruction is given in Spanish with the goal of all students becoming completely bilingual and biliterate.  

Benefits and goals include:


*Cross cultural sensitivity

*Superior Cognitive Development (studies have show that students score at or above the level of their peers on standardized testing)

*High Standards and Challenging Curriculum

Languages are kept separate at all times because research has shown that program is most effective this way however, both teachers work closely together in planning and progress monitoring.  This research supported program is an excellent opportunity for your child however it should be seen as a long term commitment.  Benefits come with time, as a matter of fact research shows that the highest degree of cognitive benefits are seen after the first few years.  One of the most frequently asked questions is "Will my child be penalized if he or she is not performing as well in Spanish?"  Absolutely not!  Research on second language acquisition shows that it takes approximately 2 years to attain basic interpersonal communication skills and 4-7 to acquire cognitive academic language proficiency.  Your child's grades will reflect the higher of the two (Spanish and English) grades not an average of the two.  This said however, your child's success does require a level of commitment.  Your child will receive homework in Spanish with more and more frequency as he/she progresses through the program.  The teachers are aware that this is a challenge and will often send extra help in the form of directions in both languages, translation keys, mini-language lessons, cassettes or c.d.s, etc.  The teachers choose carefully what they send home so that it reflects what has been taught in class and is within the child's capability.  It is expected that parents give 100% support in the language that they speak at home and the best that they can do in the second language.  Your best effort is actually very, very helpful!  (Kindergarten teachers are very helpful with this knowing that it is the first year for both the child and the parent and have been very successful in sending homework within the range of parent ability as well as  by sending very helpful tips.)  Attached/below are some Frequently Asked Questions that maybe helpful. 

*It is also important to note for planning purposes that students may not enter the program after first grade (and it is strongly recommended that they start in kindergarten) because they will be too far behind and have missed two years of language immersion putting them at disadvantage (and this can be very frustrating for them!)  We also ask that you only apply if you are seriously committed to the program (all the way through 5th grade) as there are limited spots available and sadly many are turned away due to a lack of space.  That said, if you are serious about the program, please do not hesitate to apply (quickly!), as it is a Choice Program and therefore open to anyone in the county and limited spots fill up quickly! 

About the Teachers...

Mrs. Rivabella- (Spanish side)

Hi there!  My name is Carolyn Rivabella.  I am originally from Miami, Florida. I graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and am working on getting my master's degree from the University of Salamanca, Spain.  I have taught in both Miami-Dade County and Palm Beach County for a total of 13 years--all in kindergarten and first grade!!!   I sometimes teach English  for Adult Ed. but my love is Kindergarten!!!

My favorite things in life include spending time with my friends and family, traveling, going out to eat and teaching my kindergartners that they can do anything they want to if they put their mind to it! 

Mrs. Croft- (English Side)

Welcome to Kindergarten Dual Language!  My name is Mrs. Croft and I teach the English side of the Kindergarten Dual Language. I was born and raised in Florida and graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.  My husband and I met, were engaged and got married on FSU campus. In June of 2012 we welcomed our son Colton James into the world. Then in June 2014 we made our family even bigger by welcoming our daughter SaraKate!  Fun fact about Colton and SaraKate is that they were born two years and one day apart!

Colton and SaraKate wear their garnet and gold proudly on game days as they do the Seminole chop.  And, yes, we make that 7 hour drive to Tallahassee for every home game day. Therefore, you can say we are huge Seminole fans!

In my spare time I love spending time with my family and friends, working on my photography, traveling, shopping (Target, Khol’s, Michaels, LakeShore,etc.), listening to country music, baking, crafting new projects with my Cricut, watching football and watching my kids grow!

Kindergarten is such an import year in a child’s life and I am honored to see how much each student grows from the beginning to the end of the year!